Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brat Camp: Gaza

Israeli missiles hit Gaza; militants say truce on again
GAZA (Reuters) - Israel fired more missiles into Gaza on Tuesday and vowed no respite in an offensive to halt renewed cross-border rocket salvoes by Palestinian militants two weeks after its withdrawal from the territory.

After air strikes destroyed two bridges and two buildings Israel said were used by militants, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said militants "will be hit again and again until they understand there are new rules to the game."

"Quiet means quiet," Mofaz was quoted by the YNET media web site as saying.

After Mofaz's remarks, a political leader of Islamic Jihad said it and other militant groups had decided at a meeting to abide once again by an informal truce. But afterward, another Gaza rocket crashed inside Israel, causing no injury or damage.

It's like the Israelis are exasperated parents trying to control their ornery children. Except both the parents and children have missiles.

Shortly after 9/11, I, like many Americans, finally took an interest in the seemingly ageless conflict in the Middle East, and the possible motives of the people involved. After reading Black Hawk Down I wrote this email. It's been about four years since then, and so far I haven't read or heard anything to change my mind.

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Anonymous said...

You remain entirely correct in your assessment. In fact, you should get yourself a subscription to Atlantic Monthly. Last month they ran an awesome piece titled, "How Arafat Destroyed Palestine." And this month they have one titled, "Declare War," an argument that we should stop slipping into half-assed "armed conflict," which hurts more than it helps. As always, I remain firmly entrenched in the Colin Powell camp of military strategy - Don't start something you can't finish. And if you break it, you bought it.