Thursday, December 22, 2005

As long as I'm already going....

Son of Colts coach found dead
New York Jets coach Herman Edwards, one of Dungy's closest friends, called James a "very, very good kid."
This is a sad tragedy, and I'm not even trying to make a joke about it. But I didn't know Tony Dungy and Herm Edwards were close friends. When they hang out, do you think they ever get confused?

"Hey Herm, check this out!"

"Man, I've told you,
I'm Tony, you're Herm."


Patterson said...

They joke all the time about being brothers....truly a sad story, as Tony Dungy is one of those people who you really pull for (as long as your team isn't playing against him).

Herm Edwards is the same type of person...I hope my Jets don't release him in the offseason, no matter how terrible his clock management is.

Jamey Lawton said...

Why would they release him for that? said c-L-ock management.
My mistake.
Carry on.

ed said...

You're just saying they look alike because they're both black.