Saturday, December 17, 2005

Firing on all cylinders

It looks like what I had hoped would happen is happening. In the last three games the Patriots have scored 79 points and allowed 10, with the one touchdown allowed during garbage time against the Bills. Granted, being AFC East Champs is nothing to brag about this year. But just like the Colts, they can only beat the teams they play.

UPDATE: And now the Chargers just snapped the Colts' run at a perfect record by doing the same thing the Patriots did to beat the Bucs: pressure the quarterback. Very interesting....

UPDATE UPDATE: A good point is made here. I admit I was mainly focused on the defensive performance.
Brady gets taken for granted, almost, and it's a tribute to his consistent greatness that a 65-percent, 258-yard, three-touchdown, no-pick performance against the NFL's No. 2 defense was barely discussed after the game.
Conspiracy theorists: At one point in the third quarter when the Pats were already up 21-0, the referees took a measurement and then awarded Tamba Bay a first down. From every angle shown, it looked clearly short to me. Were the refs trying to give TB a chance to get back into the game and make it interesting?

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