Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No booze you lose

No booze to be sold at Jets game next Monday

Okay, why do people go to the stadium again? Lets look at the head-to-head matchup:

Living roomStadiumAdvantage
AdmissionFreeExpensiveLiving room
ViewAlways up-close in HDProportional to ticket priceLiving room
ComfortRecliner (warm and dry)Cramped (cold and wet)Living room
BoozeCheap and plentifulExpensive, long lines / unavailableLiving room
AtmosphereRelatively calmExcitingStadium

The only category the stadium has going for it is the live atmosphere. Even that's not so great when you're stuck next to a drunken idiot who's yelling incoherently and spilling beer everywhere. If I'm that guy, great, but I don't want to be stuck next to that guy. Or worse, you could be hit by a drunk driver and paralyzed on your way home. Hey kids, who wants another $5 hot dog?


Sj said...

HAHA You hit it on the freaking head there..

What benefit is there? My sport is hockey but even still, no play by play, no names (for the newbies) no description of problems or interesting tidbits.. It's like going to see the Molson Indy in person. It's loud but damn if those cars don't go by in about 5 seconds and then you sit down again for the next 4 minutes...

Ilana said...

Hmm...excellent points. Nothing like a ballpark in the summer though.