Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Voice of Reason

The predictable overreaction of Boston fans to the Johnny Damon deal has
been well documented, as in these blog entries: @#$(%& Damon, Damon
Ruins Christmas
, and Just another reason not to go to Fenway.

It seems foolish to point out how unreasonable fans can be in demanding loyalty from players. I expect to be chided with something like, "Duh, Bob, that's why they call them fanatics." But apparently the Boston Sports Guy also feels the need to be the voice of reason:
Anyway, if you're a Red Sox fan, I hope you learned two things this week. First, the Sox-Yankees feud matters infinitely more to us than it does to the players. That's why these guys have no problem switching sides. They just don't give a crap. Sadly, we do. And second, to paraphrase Ordway, it's almost always about the money.

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