Thursday, January 05, 2006

1 + 3 < 2

Heisman FinalistsYardsTDTO
1 Reggie Bush17711
2 Vince Young46730
3 Matt Leinart36511

Vince Young papered over any blocking mistakes with a performance that's been immediately and rightly hailed as one of the greatest ever: 200 yards and three touchdowns on the ground, 267 yards through the air. Young is a freakish Frankenstein of a quarterback who combines the best attributes of Michael Vick, John Elway, and long-striding former University of Arkansas QB Matt Jones. He's slippery, with a rocket arm (and vastly underrated accuracy) and a loping gait that doesn't seem particularly fast until he beats defenders to the edge time and again.


Patterson said...

The striking thing about Vince Young last night was, he made it look too easy. 4th and 5, 38 seconds left? Jogs it in. Of course, his "jog" is a full-out sprint for most. Unreal.

Patterson said...
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