Thursday, January 05, 2006


Quirky prenup deal doesn't save marriage
SANFORD, Fla. --Sally Erickson and Renzie Davidson thought they had the secret to marital bliss. But the eccentric list of demands outlined in their prenuptial agreement, including mandatory backrubs and a $5 nagging fee, still couldn't save their marriage.

Now Erickson is suing Davidson for fraud, alleging he divorced her in secret more than two years ago, according to Seminole County court records.

Before exchanging vows in 2001, the couple agreed to a quirky prenuptial agreement. Erickson promised to cook breakfast at least four times a week, and, in return, "Renzie will not wake Sally up on her 'off days,'" according to the document.

The agreement also required Davidson to rub Erickson's back three times a week for five minutes. If Erickson used a certain expletive, she would be sentenced to one hour of yard work. And Davidson was to pay $5 each time he complained, nagged or made "a fuss about Sally's expenditures."

Despite their carefully laid plans, Davidson, 62, decided to call it quits 3 1/2 months into the marriage. Erickson, 61, acknowledged she was served notice of the divorce suit, but she said in court pleadings that Davidson later told her he had dropped the suit.

Erickson said Davidson secretly went to court and got a default judgment against her. Documents show Davidson was granted an uncontested divorce in February 2003 without Erickson ever appearing in court. She claims she didn't know about the divorce until recently.

Davidson has not contested Erickson's claim.
Boy if these two can't make it, what chance do any of us have?

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