Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wait, what city am I in?

Every January the program I'm working on has a meeting in Marina del Rey, CA. Today the crew of CSI:Miami is here filming a beach volleyball scene with Kerri Walsh and Misty May. One of my colleagues pointed out that this beach faces east, so I guess that makes it a good stand-in for Miami Beach.

During a break we walked across the street to watch them film. I was surprised that they didn't really try to close off the beach at all. When they were ready to film a scene someone would yell, "Quiet on the set!" and they would just go. In the scene I watched, Kerri and Misty are playing volleyball when all of a sudden they seem to notice something (a dead body?) and walk over to look. Some guy runs over and says something to them. I couldn't really hear what they were saying. Anyway it doesn't make sense that they would all of a sudden notice a dead body on the beach so I probably misunderstood what was happening completely.

I'm sorry I didn't take better pictures, but I felt shy about getting too close while they were filming. Also I didn't want to feel like some obnoxious paparazzo. If I had taken better pictures, they might look something like this. Now it looks like they are filming some close-up action sequences (I'm watching from my hotel room balcony). There is a tight group of about twenty spectators huddled next to the court. Every thirty seconds or so, Misty and Kerri simulate a play as the fake crowd cheers. The magic of Hollywood!


Patterson said...

Awesome - are those from your camera phone?

Bob said...

Yup. The finest CCD that $40 can buy ;)