Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You have ten seconds to comply

Note to self: cancel trip to South Korea

The South Korean government has robot fever, and they're about to unleash a whole army -- literally -- of the mechanized creatures on their public. According to The Korea Times, the country will see the rollout of police and military robots within the next five years, thanks to a newly approved $33.9 million spending appropriation. Patrol bots will guard the streets at night, and even chase criminals, while horse-shaped combat bots will augment the country's fighting force. In both cases, the bots will communicate via Korea's vast mobile network.

Robot Cops to Patrol Korean Streets


Pat said...

It's only costing them $34 million? Does that seem cheap to anyone?

Lance LaRocca said...

Haha... Totally seems cheap.
Anyone ever see the Animatrix? Remember how gruesome the war scenes are? Can't you see these things going to cuff someone and just ripping arms right out of the socket.

Oge said...

Come quietly or there will be... trouble.