Monday, August 21, 2006

Reason vs. Religion

Wife needs one-day marriage after drunken divorce
KOLKATA, India (Reuters) - Islamic clerics in eastern India have ruled that a woman divorced by her husband in a fit of drunkenness can remarry him only after she takes another husband for one day, police said Monday.

Ershad, a rickshaw puller, uttered the word "talaq," or divorce, three times earlier this month while he was drunk, and when news leaked out in their village in eastern Orissa state, the clerics said they must separate.

"The couple had kept it under wraps and continued to stay together but the clerics ruled that since Ershad uttered the word talaq three times, it constituted a divorce," district police chief Shatrughan Parida said over the telephone.
What, is that like saying Beetlejuice?! (Note I only said it once).
Under the rules, the woman, who is a mother of three, must marry another man and obtain a divorce from him before she can be reunited with Ershad, the clerics in the local mosque said.

The clerics have said the man the woman marries temporarily must be 70 years of age, Parida said.
I don't even know where to begin making fun of these rules. Is a one-day sham union somehow supposed to preserve the sanctity of marriage? And why does the dude have to be 70? Is that at least 70, or exactly?

I can't begin to understand this, so I'll just add it to the list....

Wife needs one-day marriage after drunken divorce
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Patterson said...

...and Republicans wonder why the seeds of democracy haven't taken root in Iraq yet...idiots.

Oge said...

I wish I had islamic clerics enforcing every notion that I utter three times after heavy drinking:

"Pizza, pizza, pizza"

"Threesome, threesome, threesome"