Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nice work if you can get it

If a woman is so amazing that men will pay her $1,000 an hour for sex, good for her.

Oh sure, according to Ashley Dupre's MySpace page she left a broken and abusive home at 17, and wound up homeless and addicted to drugs. But even if we suppose that any of that is true, she eventually wound up sunbathing on yachts and charging $1,000 an hour for her time. Talk about your victimless crime.

As for Eliot Spitzer the private citizen, I don't believe he's done anything wrong. Legalize prostitution and tax it, I say, and do the same thing for marijuana while you're at it. Basically I'd like to see vice cops looking for other, more productive lines of work.

And frankly I'd be a hypocrite if I agreed that Spitzer should step down from public office. I didn't think Bill Clinton's indiscretions hurt his ability to run the country, and I don't believe this should affect Spitzer's ability to govern New York.

As for Eliot Spitzer the husband and father, he's a total loser. And Eliot Spitzer the lawyer isn't doing so hot, either. How does a man who earned a perfect score on his LSAT exam and then went on to crusade against prostitution as state attorney general manage to get himself caught paying for call girls? I realize the obvious answer is that he was thinking with the wrong head, but the irony is overwhelming. You can't make this stuff up.

Putting this woman in jail would be a crime

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your most of your blog. However, I think he should step down. Not for his indiscretion, but for his poor economic sense. $1000 an hour!! He spent over $80k on hookas and he is in charge of running the state of NY which I am assuming involves some say on the budget. Its is like those people in the goverment paying $200 for a hammer.